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Your Fall Hiking Date Guide

Looking for unique ideas for a date that won’t break the bank? Why not take your loved one on a romantic hike while you are on your weekend getaway? Whether you’ve hiked before, or it’s something completely new, there are some amazing hiking trails around Bourbon County. to try. On a tight budget? Some creativity from you and an easy-going, open-minded person, can combine to make a fantastic date. And, not forgetting, still leave you with some money in your pocket. But above all, organizing a hike for you and your date shows them that enjoying nature and being active are important things to you. It can also be incredibly romantic too.

Choosing a hiking trail

Take advantage of the stunning beauty all around you when you go on a romantic hike. Best of all, you don’t even have to spend a lot of money either, the romantic atmosphere comes free. Kansas and Missouri are home to a variety of gorgeous parks full of beautiful hiking trails. But many cities and towns also offer trails too. Also, make sure you research the area first. Aim to find a hiking trail that matches your level of activity. A modest gradient with many trails would suit a relaxed afternoon of hiking. However, a steep incline and rougher ground will offer quite a workout for you both.

Making your hiking date a success

A romantic hike can become more about the small thoughtful details than the destination. Particularly if the weather isn’t on your side. So here are few tips for planning your special trip:

Plan your hiking date so that you’ll still have plenty of daylight. Perhaps leave a couple of extra hours just in case things go very well and you lose track of time.     Be sensitive to your date’s signals, whether they make it obvious or not. If they don’t seem to be enjoying themselves then they probably aren’t. Suggest something else for you guys to do instead. Hiking is never going to be a fashion show. Make sure you both wear practical warm clothing and comfortable walking shoes.Make a picnic lunch and a special dessert to take with you. How about delicious chocolate-dipped strawberries? Pack the food in your hiking bag with a blanket for you both to relax on.Hiking provides you with peace and tranquility that can be so hard to find in our busy lives. Enjoy the silence and just being together!

Impress your date with a romantic hike

Hiking will of course create a rather different date to your standard dinner or movie date. In fact, you probably think of a date as being all about chocolates, flowers and cozy dinner dates. But there’s something special about doing something completely different and without anything or anyone else around to distract you. It’s just you, your date and the beautiful outdoors.

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