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Join us for Dinner and Entertainment

A private dinner party & overnight for eight to ten guests

Absolutely no acting experience required for this four or five couple gathering!

The evening is your private party designed for adults who are willing to take a lighthearted attitude toward blackmail, sex, larceny, deceit, and murder.  Characters in the game (you as guests) are suspects with appropriate motives and possible means.  Guests likely to be offended by such shady dealings, sordid affairs, and deceitful conduct should be left out of the fun and not invited!  All guests should arrive at the appointed time on the chosen date.  These should be arranged with Lyons’ Twin  Mansions  several weeks in advance.  The game cannot begin until all players have arrived.   The absence or tardiness of a player has been considered by some to be justifiable grounds for homicide.   Lyons Twin  Mansions provides limited costuming for characters.  However, guests are  encouraged to enhance their character’s appearance by making creative additions on their own! Mix and mingle, visit or nap, then sip a little bubbly and slip into something comfortable in a fabulous  new role as Suspect to a dastardly deed!  The solution is delivered with dessert & coffee!

Are you the villain?  The deceived?  The betrayed?

  • Run away from home with 8 to 10 close friends
  • Luxury accommodations in Fort Scott’s premier B&B
  • Enjoy a marvelous dinner
  • Play a delightful game of wit & deceit
  • Gourmet breakfast the morning after

Now is the time to dress up and be someone you never dreamed you could be, and devise a clever way to get away with murder!  Alas, the evening takes a mysterious turn and one of your prestigious guests MUST be the villain!

No one may leave until the mystery is solved!

  • $37.95 per person (3 course dinner included)
  • Approx. $48  per person with gratuity