Lyons Twin Mansions


You chose the story and we’ll send your invitations to introduce the characters, give a description of each part & suggest costuming.  There are eight suspects but if you would like to add a guest, assign two guests the same character adding a split personality twist to the mystery, All have their own play books and character descriptions and throw an interesting spin on the mystery.  No acting skills required just. arrive with a lighthearted approach toward deceit, larceny, sex and murder! – Book Now

™ Couples ™

  • ™ The Good, The Bad & The Guilty Here in the Old West, we gather for the Public Hangin’ of The Malevolent Seven, the villainous scum. Just before the festivities, A MURDER!
  • ™ The Last Train from Paris: the German troops are about to enter Paris in June 1940.  The roads are a hopeless snarl; the trains are full .  An anonymous letter, signed mysteriously “Number 9”, arrives offering you passage aboard a government train heading for Southern France.  Murder is discovered,  you passengers must decide who had the best motive and means to kill.
  • ™ The Watersdown Affair: Join us for a weekend party in the English countryside at Watersdown Mansion in January 1936.  A murder is discovered and the guests must decide who among them is the guilty party.
  • ™ Grapes of Frath: June 1925 a cruise on board the yacht of Archibald Bennington Frath, the internationally famous distributor of champagne and fine wines and the owner of  multi-national corporate enterprises.  In a secluded bay of a Mediterranean island, murder is discovered, the villian must be uncovered
  • ™ The Chicago Caper:  A 1920’s speakeasy is where you and your worldly guests find yourselves after receiving an invitation to S.P. Keasy’s place, a private club near the headquarters of notorious gangster “Hal”Coppone.
  • ™ Power and Greede:  You have received an invitation to the premiere of Power Film Studios’ latest release, Power and Greede.  As an illustrious member of the cast or crew, you are a guest of the producer W. Anton Power.  You gather at a theater banquet hall circa 1936 for dinner and intrigue
  • ™The Class of 54: Former classmate & rock star Rock N. Roley has invited you to a private party – flash back to 1954 at the malt shop in Roley City, USA!.

Ladies ONLY

  • Matrimony, Mayhem & Murder The Prince must choose his bride or lose his inheritance.  Tonight he will announce one of us as his Bride – this could be Murder!!
  • Pushing Up the Daisies: We gather for the Florida Garden Club luncheon and presentation“Practical Pruning, or Using Those Dead Limbs for Fertilizer.” Some consider this presenter  a thorn in the side – hopefully a thorn or two won’t do him in!
  • A Chocolate Covered Killing Ladies of Sugar Land and Chocoholics of Karbohydrate County — Rejoice!  Only a select few are invited to a sinfully sweet social event of the season —  the pre-opening party The Calla Rees Sweetshop.  Lucky you, your name is on the guest list!
  • Bump-Off at the Beauty Shop: 10th Anniversary of Loopey Lady Beauty Shop in that old Victorian house downtown – said to be haunted. Where did those missing jewels go?